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Using Online Social Buying Platforms To Promote Your Business:
"A Massage Therapist's Success Story From The Trenches"
Written & Read By Author Susan Epperly, B.A., L.M.T., L.M.T.I.

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Have you considered using one of the many emerging “Daily Deal” sites to market your massage or wellness practice?  Are you confused as to how these sites work, what you stand to gain from becoming involved with them, and whether they present a viable marketing opportunity for your practice?  Are you tired of all the hearsay, assumptions, generalizations, and unfounded rumors that are being circulated by business owners who have never used these marketing techniques?  Have you been scared by “horror stories” from business owners who have used these marketing platforms unsuccessfully?
If so, then this audio book is for you.  “Using Online Social Buying Platforms to Promote Your Business: A Massage Therapist’s Success Story from the Trenches” outlines the experiences that my husband and business partner, Shane Epperly, and I have had using social buying sites to successfully build our now thriving massage therapy practice.
Since I've been approached by so many Massage Therapists wondering if this is a viable option for them (especially after having been quoted in Laura Allen’s article “Successful Promotions without Breaking the Bank” from the January / February 2011 edition of Massage & Bodywork Magazine), I decided to document our experience and lay out all the pros and cons that we have encountered. 
I hope that others will find this piece to be helpful as they make the decision as to whether or not to pursue these types of marketing platforms.  And for those who do decide to use such sites, I hope that the tips and advice that I offer will help you optimize your experience; maximize the positive impact that these marketing techniques can have on your practice; and avoid the potential pitfalls that these platforms can present.  
We have successfully used social buying sites to grow our two therapist practice, and we have found that this type of marketing platform has enabled us to be introduced to a large group of clients with whom we have built the kind of quality client relationships that we all treasure.  We had feared that our discount voucher clients would just show up for "the deal" and then mosey on into the sunset in search of the next great deal.  However, by implementing some key strategies and following a few “golden rules,” we have enjoyed more than a 60% return rate and have gained a tremendous number of weekly clients from this experience (many of whom have also sent us numerous referrals). 
Like most things, we've found that "it works if you work it."  These performance marketing platforms are not appropriate for every business, but they can work exceptionally well if merchants optimize the opportunity that they present.  Our practice is proof of that. And I hope that this audio book will help many others have the same experience. 
This Audio Book Addresses a Host of Key Concerns, Including:
 •·        The Nuts & Bolt of How these Types of Market Platforms Work
 •·        How to Choose the Social Buying Site that will Best Suit Your Needs
 •·        How to Approach these Sites and Initiate a Partnership with them
 •·        How to Determine the Number of Vouchers You Should Offer
 •·        What Percentage of the Voucher Sales Revenue the Site is Likely to Expect
 •·        How to Structure a Deal that will Provide the Maximum Benefit for Your Business
 •·        How to Prepare for the Onslaught of Clients that You’re Likely to See
 •·        How to Use this Opportunity to Grow Your Business, Not Just Your Bank Account
 •·        The Right and Wrong Reasons to Partner with a Social Buying Site
 •·        How to Turn The People who Buy Your Discounted Vouchers into Loyal, Long-Term Clients
 •·        How and Why This Type of Performance Marketing Differs from Traditional Marketing
 •·        How to Avoid the Potential Pitfalls Associated with Using Such Sites
 •·        How to Implement this Type of Marketing Method WITHOUT Having to Share the Proceeds with a Social Buying Site
 •·        How to Avoid Creating a “Coupon Culture” by Abusing the Use of Social Buying Sites
 •·        Testimonials and Contributions from Other Massage Therapists who Have Successfully Used Such Marketing
Platforms, Including:
                Jessica Weagle, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner at “Deep Relief Massage Therapy”
                 in West Boylston, Massachusetts
                Robin A. Doerr, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner at “Body + Soul Spa Retreat”
                 in Elmhurst, Illinois

This Audio book has been artfully edited by Shane Epperly in a radio program format, which makes it an engaging, easy-to-listen-to piece that can be enjoyed while driving, exercising, doing chores around the house or office, or simply relaxing.
If you’re considering jumping onto the “daily deal” bandwagon, purchasing this audio book will help ensure that you’re making a well informed decision.  And if you decide that partnering with a social buying site is, in fact, right for you, then this piece will assist you in making the experience the best it can be.
Here’s to your success!
Susan Epperly, B.A., L.M.T.I., C.M.T.


Here’s what listeners are saying about this product:


“Susan and Shane Epperly have done a lot to clear up
some of the misconceptions around social buying platforms--and the clincher is
that it's based on their personal experience, not on the whining and crying
from people who haven't tried it and only have negative things to say. People
are very quick to criticize this type of marketing because all they focus on is
the word ‘discount.’ This is a great resource.”

Laura Allen, Contributing Author at Massage & Bodywork Magazine
Greenville, South Carolina Area


THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The audio book is phenomenal. I am VERY impressed. I
expected to be a little bored as it would be dry. Not at all, held my interest
and it is very high quality. Kept thinking how this could apply to any
profession, Chiro, Acupuncture, Herbalist, Veterinary, etc. Good tool for any
business.  You two never cease to amaze me with your talents.”  

~Sharon P.,
Portland, Oregon Area

“And again, another great production by Susan and Shane! It was Shane who actually
turned me on to this type of marketing about 2 years ago, before that
particular marketing company was even promoting deals in our area. I can tell
you that they are correct in that there is a lot of misconception surrounding
this kind of marketing platform to which those misconceptions are covered
nicely, with pearls of wisdom, which come from their personal experience. Pick
this one up; you won't regret it!”

~Jeff Lutz, CMTPT
Part Owner at All Proven Products, LLC
Greater Pittsburgh Area

“Susan gives you a lot of great tips on how to plan for this type of marketing.”

Jessica Weagle, LMT
Owner/ MT at Deep Relief Massage Therapy
Greater Boston Area

“Hey, Susan Epperly, received your audio book yesterday and I've listened to some of it so far...and
it's awesome! I love the music too and it makes me want to bust-a-move...right
after saving some money :)”

Ryan Hoyme
Massage Program Chair at Minnesota School of Business
Owner, MassageNerd.com

“I started listening to [the audio book on] my iPod while
I was putting on my makeup, eating breakfast, doing the dishes, putting clothes
in the dryer……. I LOVE it! It is so well done. I think it would be a great
resource for anyone thinking of using the Groupon kind of thing.  I’m sure
once the word gets out you will sell a lot of ‘books.’  You two are

~Linn N.
Greater Portland, Oregon Area

“…I am curious as to how you could talk for that long! ;) But seriously, you provided a
lot of great information for anyone looking to use any kind of 'daily deal' and such.  
I've not used any of them, but if I decide to, I'll listen once again to the audio!  
I think anyone who's purchased this should listen to it at LEAST twice."  

Kris KelleyMassage
Therapist and Orthopedic - Medical Massage Practitioner
Owner-Operator, At Your Door Massage
Las Vegas, Nevada


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