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Products for Health & Wellness Practitioners

Through Tiger Lily Studios, Susan and Shane Epperly are pleased to offer a variety of educational materials and other products of interest to Health Practitioners. Designed, illustrated, and produced by Susan and Shane themselves, Tiger Lily Studios’ product line has been created by practitioners for practitioners.

Tiger Lily Studios’ current product line includes: 

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Designing The Perfect Massage Space (eBook) $14.95 (Downloadable)

 Cosmopolitan Packaging

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Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck Instructional (DVD) 
$39.95(Downloadable) / $49.95 (DVD)

Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck (Poster)

Spray & Stretch DVD Jacket

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Techniques & Application of Vapocoolant Spray and Stretch Instructional (Download)

$39.95 (Downloadable) / $49.95 (DVD)

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Using Online Social Buying Platforms "Groupon" To Promote Your Business (Audio Book)
$7.95 (Downloadable) / $19.95 (2 Disc Set)

 Your MBA (Massage Business Advocates) Series™

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Massage Marketing:  "Parting Gifts"  (eBook)  $12.95 (Downloadable)


Trigger Point Ninja®
(Free Web Series-Only On Tiger Lily Studios' YouTube Channel)

"A Touch Of Humor™" Massage Comic Strip (Book)

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