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Susan Epperly, BA, LMT, LMTI, CMT

Susan Epperly is an Austin, Texas based Massage Therapist and Content Creator for the health & wellness industry.

As a freelance writer, Susan covers topics including massage, health, wellness, small business ownership, and human
interest stories. She is a regular contributor of feature articles to ABMP’s “Massage & Bodywork” magazine and has
also written for ASCP’s “Skin Deep” magazine, and “The Korea Herald,” South Korea’s leading nationally-distributed
English Language Newspaper.

Susan’s published articles include the following:

"Much Ado About Reviews - How To Manage Your Online Presence”
By Susan Epperly
ABMP’s “Massage & Bodywork” Magazine
November / December 2016 issue 

Massage & Bodywork November-December 2016 Issue

“The Long Haul - Prolonging Your Career Longevity”
By Susan Epperly
ABMP’s “Massage & Bodywork” Magazine
July / August 2016 issue 

Massage & Bodywork July-August 2016 Issue

“Clothes Encounters - The Anatomy of Dressing”
By Susan Epperly
ABMP’s “Massage & Bodywork” Magazine
March / April 2016 issue

Massage & Bodywork March-April 2016 Issue

“Bootstrap Basics – 8 Tips for Getting Your Practice Started”
By Susan Epperly
ABMP’s “Massage & Bodywork” Magazine
November / December 2015 issue

 Massage & Bodywork Magazine November/December Issue 

"Boutique Retailing - Entice Clients with Creative Displays"
by Susan Epperly
ASCP's "Skin Deep" Magazine
November / December 2014 issue

Skin Deep Magazine

"Style, Storage & Design on a Dime"
by Susan Epperly
ABMP's "Massage & Bodywork" Magazine
September / October 2014 issue

Massage & Bodywork Magazine


Susan has written many class curriculums, e-books, audio books,
and video scripts for products that have been distributed through
Tiger Lily Studios, LLC, and ChiroCredit.com.  Click here for a list of
the educational products that Susan has authored for Tiger Lily Studios.

Susan’s massage therapy themed comic, “A Touch of Humor” is a
regular feature in the digital edition of “Massage & Bodywork”
magazine, and is available on a variety of merchandise here.

Susan has also provided social media content and strategy for
clients as diverse as Oscar® and Grammy® winning artists;
international online retailers; and health and wellness practitioners.

View Susan’s online resume via LinkedIn by clicking here.

Please contact Susan regarding freelance writing assignments, social
media administration, content marketing projects, or other creative